Welcome to domics.com!

I'm slowly changing things over to English, as a few requests have been coming in from the English speaking community, whereas my other-language-friends, you all speak English as well, so I guess that makes it easier for everyone.

Other websites/social media are progressively being added on, make sure to check these out as well, as they might be updated slightly more frequently. This website will continue to be the main portfolio of photography and illustrations.

If interested, you can also find some work on 500px, a website dedicated to photography. Both photography and drawings are also on facebook. As producing hoodies and T-shirts has consumed quite a lot of my time (and finances) in the past, I'm trying something new. Some of the designs can now be found in an online shop on spreadshirt! Make sure to check back frequently, as I'm working on increasing the selection in the coming days and weeks.

- Dom